WOBS – Working Out Blogging Spouses

I went with Working Out Blogging Spouses as it is a bit more inclusive and this blog appears to attract both the betrayed and unfaithful. So join me in this new endeavor.

How does it work? Just commit to at least 20 minutes/day of exercise, five days/week. I’ve often found that most of the battle for me and exercise is just getting started. If I tell myself I will do at least 20 minutes, commit to it with my fellow WOBS, then maybe I will even do more, but at least I will feel good knowing I did something.

Just submit a reply that lets us know you what you did for your 20 minute workout of the day. Let’s support each other, cheer each other on, to get up and get moving.

TL xx


3 thoughts on “WOBS – Working Out Blogging Spouses

  1. Ok all, let’s get on this wagon. I know, I know. MC and I have been walking in the neighborhood in the evening after dinner this week, but those are more leisurely. I went to the gym twice this week to do weights/cardio. I really need to step this up to be more often. It is a struggle, but one day-at-a-time, right?!

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  2. Know it has been awhile, but been walking in the evenings with Mindless and going to gym twice/week for weight training. It is something. Let’s hear about your 20 minutes. It’s not too late to start.


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