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Wishing to change the past

I recently wrote about the “if onlys.”  That was inspired by lesson two of John Baker’s Stepping Out of Denial.   I’ll continue with Baker’s questions.

Baker says:  “Instead of worrying about things that we cannot control, we need to focus on what God can do in our lives. What are you worrying about? Why?”  I don’t know about this statement.  What’s God doing in it?  Rather than God, it seems like the statement ought to say that we should focus on what we ourselves can do in our daily lives.  Then, this discussion would make more sense to me.

Before D-day, I think I did worry about certain things I could not control instead of focusing on things I could control.  I worried about my past experiences, or lack thereof. I should have told myself that my past experiences were not only immutable, but also far less important to the present and future than I believed them to be.

As for today, I do think I have successfully stopped worrying about the past or about immutable conditions.  Yes, I do sometimes worry about the future.  But, a certain amount of worrying about the future is normal, as long as I focus on ways I can affect the future rather than just worrying about things that are inevitable or unknowable.