About Reconcile4Life

What does Reconcile4Life mean, why did we choose that name? Well, it does not mean that we guarantee a certain future or outcome of any kind. We chose that name because a) it was available and b) if you choose to reconcile, we believe reconciliation is an ongoing journey, not an end destination.

Both TigerLily (the betrayed spouse) and MindlessCraft (the unfaithful spouse) are posting about their individual struggles and triumphs, as well as their struggles and triumphs as a couple (for both).  We started by recounting our story, a bit at a time, as a way to help TL physically rewrite her memories to account for the truth of our past marriage, truth that was hidden from her for so many years. We also hope that our story may be helpful to others dealing with similar struggles.

The one thing our site is NOT is a supporter or adherent to sex addiction diagnosis and twelve-step treatment. We do not believe this is the right model for our situation. From time-to-time, as part of our journey forward, we will discuss why we feel this is not a good fit for every serial cheater, including MC. Though we are certainly willing to look at and consider specific exercises that may come from that field of diagnosis and treatment, we believe that SA and 12-step control the conversation to such a degree that other conversations are being stifled. We want our site to be a safe place for those other conversations.

We love the idea of the free exchange of ideas that encourages thought, learning, and growth. Just because we don’t always agree, does not mean we cannot learn from each other. Disagreements can and should be a chance to learn something new and grow together. Maybe we will find some common-ground and use that as a foundation for a new idea. Maybe we will learn something new to add to our arsenal of tools. Maybe we will agree to disagree, but provide a wide a variety of ideas for couples to discuss together.

We look forward to your comments, questions, thoughts, ideas and suggestions. If you prefer, feel free to comment anonymously or email-us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping each other on this journey.

TigerLily and MindlessCraft

e-mail: reconcile.4.life@gmail.com

P.S. We will assume your words are your opinion. If they are not, please do cite their proper source. Thanks!


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