Jesus pushers

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I am so sick and tired of Jesus pushers. Jesus is not the only way. I am not doomed to failure and hell if I don’t accept Jesus. I am not dooming my children to failure and hell for teaching them that Jesus was just a man, perhaps a Rabbi, and nothing more.

And, the more you press it with me, the more I despise being around you. So, why do you bother? What is the fucking point of trying to convert someone who clearly has no interest in converting?

And, as I recently said, this whole “Jesus is the only way” crap reminds me so much of why I am so damn uncomfortable with SA and 12-step. Because far too many within that community insist it is the best way, it is the only way, and anyone who seeks something different is in denial and doomed to fail. It just reminds me too much of replacement theologists who try to convert us to Christianity. Except instead of SA and 12-step, it is Jesus – Jesus is the best way, the only way and you are in denial and doomed to hell if you don’t convert. It is just too similar of a message and I find it fucking creepy and its own form of arrogance.

Love a rock, worship a rock, believe in a rock for all I care, just stop throwing your damn rock at others.

Ok, sorry, just needed to get that off my chest!



10 thoughts on “Jesus pushers

    1. We are from the US, but living overseas right now. Not sure if it is because of being emboldened by the current political environment or something else, but there is a noticeable increase in expat Christians being more bold in their approach to us than ever before.

      And, we have seen an increase in this attitude in our Facebook feeds from friends back home too. Not posting to us directly, but some whacky crap being posted, things I never knew they felt pre-Trump.

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  1. It’s easier to assign your decision-making mindload to a religion than think it through for yourself. Those with critical-thinking skills, who disagree with them, are simply “unfaithful” and in need of Jesus/Allah/Y-hw-h, etc.

    More and more, I find religion to be false… all of them. It’s a great way to control people who are simply looking for hope of something better. Rather than thinking and working through troubles, they’re “given to God.” If it continues, it’s not because religion’s methods didn’t work, of course… it’s because you are weak and unfaithful… because God never gives you more than you can handle and other such tropes. Accept your lot and be humble, Ignorant Sinner.

    I find it more sinful to remain so willfully ignorant. Humility is not a virtue but a tool for more powerful people to use against everyone willing to succumb to them, imo.

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    1. I am not a fan of the idea that G-d is the solution to your problems. Still, I am not one who desires to throw religion away completely. As I commented earlier in another posting, I do not see G-d as a corporeal being in the sky who grants magic wishes, controls us, our feelings, or our future. I am a scientific, research oriented, logic based person. I certainly don’t believe in the inerrancy of any book. I do, however, believe that a spiritual connection to the world around us is something I want to pursue. And, ensuring the Jewish people, traditions and stories survive is also very important to our family.

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      1. To be sure… our home is full of religious art. I grew up Roman Catholic, in the Tridentine rite. I was homeschooled and sang in the Latin Mass choir… I still sing in Latin to calm myself (and did when the children were younger.) I have a rosary on my rearview mirror (common here, where Catholicism is the dominant religion, whether practiced or not), pray to St. Michael when I’m scared, we *do* the whole St. Nicholas>shoes thing, and have religious art and crucifixes all over the house. Our children know how to say grace, the Our Father, and how to behave at Mass.

        Catholic articles and practices are a part of our family culture. Many of them are beautiful… and so, we keep them. I believe that there were a great many people worthy of praise and respect and inspirational to traditions… but when it comes to a point of religious people trying to *control* in the name of it? NO.

        That is to say: while I don’t believe in any inherent good of religion – any religion – I do appreciate the good that has come/does come of it (including its influences on art, cuisine, tradition/culture) and absolutely observe respect of practices when other people are doing so, as long as they don’t infringe upon our own rights. (I’d have a big problem with our Muslim friends smashing our extensive bar, for example, when they come to a nice, halal dinner. 😛 )

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        1. Alll that said, we’re also open to new traditions… like fanous lanterns for Ramadan (GORGEOUS, Egyptian lamps), making Arab baklawa (as opposed to the slavic baklava), orange-blossom sweets, mint tea and/or turkish coffee in the evenings, and respecting our friends’ and neighbors’ fasting by not offering them water and food when we see them before sunset and keeping windows on that side of the house shut when I’m making something especially fragrant. lol

          Religion plays an important role in various cultures, of course… and I feel lucky to have ducked out of being so religiously insular that we can enjoy others’ cultures without guilt. And, to not feel any guilt when participating in their rituals, for example. It felt the greatest honor to be invited to wash a dear friend’s body (Muslim) after her death. :/

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          1. We’ve lived in many different cultures, with a variety of dominant religions. We love experiencing the culture of other lands and other peoples, including religious traditions. It is a wonderful experience when those from differing cultures and religions appreciate and celebrate each others’ differences and similarities.

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  2. Sigh. I have these folks in my family. I can’t get my head around thousands starving to death or being massacred in a third world country not being “saved” because Jesus. Or my Jewish neighbor who saves lives every day being less than because he’s not born again. That to me is the opposite of pure love. Plus the whole movement is relatively new, so pretty arrogant to proclaim it is better than the combined thousands of years of other faiths. Having said that, I cannot accept extremism in any faith because of how exclusionary extremism is. There’s a white privileged (and I’m both of those things btw) condescension tied to this for me. And don’t get me started on the hypocrisy of staunch adherents paying for abortions and denying family planning services because of Jesus. And the commandments being a pick and choose list. I’m a Catholic but come on with bringing the hammer down on those who are regarded as less than. You’re preaching to the choir here, tiger lily.

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