Lesson 36 of Recovery Nation is about boundaries. I suspect it is building toward something. It poses a couple of very simple questions.

I. Describe a scenario from your past where not having a well-defined set of boundaries has prolonged and/or intensified the personal consequences that you have experienced.

Every affair and every visit to a prostitute was enabled by my poorly-defined boundaries. The consequences are clear: a broken marriage, disease, lost money, lost time, heartache, and more.

II. Describe a situation in your life where having solid boundaries will assist you in managing the event in such a way as to protect your value system.

Sometimes I am tempted to wonder what women, be they co-workers or strangers, think of me. Well-defined boundaries help me ward off such thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. Hi MC,

    The concept of “what do others think of me” is interesting. In Social Psychology they state that you get to know yourself through your interactions with others. It is referred to it as “the looking -glass-self” (see definition below).

    “The looking-glass self is a social psychological concept, created by Charles Horton Cooley in 1902 (McIntyre 2006), stating that a person’s self grows out of society’s interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others” (Wikipedia, 2017).

    See also the article below:

    How do you know where your boundaries are unless you violate them and as a result deal with consequences? Can you prevent crossing boundaries when you do not know who you are? How do you get to know yourself?

    Your last question when you wonder what others think of you is interesting. See below an interesting article:


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  2. Thanks, E. That Popular Social Science article and the Cooley concept are interesting. In the end, they remind me of another recent post in which I concluded that I ought to be talking about myself with”God” rather than guessing what other people think of me.

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