Circle of selfish interests

As I see the world around us in peril, as I see so many threats to our country’s policies and way forward, as I see all the progress our American society has made being jeopardized, as I see the increased suffering and lack of humanity encroaching on so many parts of our world, I worry about the future.

I know MC feels as I do about threats against non-white, non-Christians in our country.  These threats directly impact him and our family. He tells me that he feels for the plight of others, but we have so many of our own struggles to focus upon. Yet, I have a worry that perhaps the reality is something different. What if the reality is that he only cares about issues that directly impact him, our kids and our family. What if he actually has no real care in the world for the suffering of others that are unlikely to have any direct impact on him or on our family.

I am a huge fan of Thomas Friedman. I recently saw an interview with him where he was talking about the precipice upon which our society now sits. He explained, it is like the change from an agricultural to an industrial society. It is similar to when we transitioned from horse-drawn carriage to automobiles. As we move to a more technologically advanced society, we must help others to feel protected, connected and respected. In the age of intelligent machines, we must remember that our biggest comparative advantage is our humanity.

I realized, MC now treats me and our children with humanity, focusing on anything he can do now to help us feel protected, connected and respected. But, I cannot help but wonder what if it is not so much that he has tamed the selfish beast, as much as he has simply now included the kids and me in his circle of selfish interests?  Is that what is normal for most of us? Is it enough?


8 thoughts on “Circle of selfish interests

  1. Super deep TL.. yeah I wonder that too. And how could I tell.. and how could he tell if that was the case in just including us now in their circles..
    Sometimes I wish Charles understood how easily expendable I feel towards him. As if I am just some dumb broad who he knocked up to use as he sees fit. Even if he’s the nicest, kindest, greatest care taker of NH ever.. I always wonder what will make him stop, a slutty blonde, a guitar, an M&M? who the hell knows.. because I sure don’t

    Here’s to the day! ❤

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    1. I feel like we are in the circle, it’s just not very big. Of course, we cannot read their minds, so I guess we just watch actions that show we are at least within that circle. Maybe that’s enough?


  2. Thanks TL!
    I think that most people cannot do more. They focus on their partner and kids and other family members and friends and maybe their work environment and home community.
    And maybe that is enough.
    We are limited in what we can do outside this circle, but we can be a role model for our children and we can be the best we can where ever we are. If everyone did this…we would have a better world.

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    1. Ok, so maybe my expectations are too high. Still, I would love our family to do more to make a difference for the better, just to think beyond ourselves once in awhile. But, at the same time help for the sake of doing something to help, not as some poverty tour, pat ourselves on the back, show the kids how lucky they have it, bull-shit kind of thing. You know?

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      1. I was reading about enlightened self-interest versus selfishness. Perhaps enlightened self-interest is where he is going. And, perhaps, that is a healthy place to be. Far better than being selfish, or being the martyr, which I’ve come to believe are just two sides of the same coin.

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  3. I understand your concerns for the world TL. I became a grandmother last year and worry what kind of world my grandchild will grow up in. I try to concentrate on the little ways I can help contribute to positive changes.I teach my grandchild about being safe and respecting other people and animals. I sign all sorts of online petitions campaigning for human and animal rights (a lot of them DO succeed). I volunteer for a local animal rescue,doing home checks so animals can find new homes. Sometimes doing things close to home can have a wider impact, if not globally. Sending love to you. X

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    1. Thank you FA. Helping animals is something near and dear to my heart. I so respect the work you are doing to ensure rescues animals have a good home. We have always adopted rescues. Our last two pups were pregnant street dogs. Even in this, though, our help is by bringing one in need into our circle. Perhaps, helping in this way is something I should acknowledge as making a difference “close to home.” Love back to you. TL xx


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