How do I know I love my wife?

This is a tough question. I am firmly convinced that I love TL. I also believe I did not understand how to love anyone, including perhaps myself, before D-day. I believe it took post-D-day shock and studying for me to learn that love is not judgmental and that love is wanting the best for the other person.

Can I prove to anyone, myself included, that I love her? Can I explain to anyone, myself included, how I know I love her? Maybe not. I don’t know.

I know how I feel. I want to be with her. I’m attracted to her. I’m proud of her. I depend on her. Yes, ironic though it is for me to say this, I trust her. I feel safe with her. Being with her is being “home.” I can relax in her presence, mostly. I share almost all of her opinions about politics, religion, society, and the world.

I do want the best for her. I do want her to be safe and happy. She is the single most important person in my life.

It will undoubtably remain difficult now for me to prove to TL, or to observers, that I love her. As a beginning, I can prove to myself that I love her by remembering I want her safety and happiness above all else.


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