“The work:” reading, practicing and journaling 

On another day without Internet today, what can I do next in terms of introspection and “doing the work?” I suppose the Internet is not essential for this work. I was again stuck in a long portion of Recovery Nation that seemed to me to be redundant. 

I need to think of something deeper, new, and innovative. But, those types of thoughts don’t come often, and they can’t be manufactured.

In my last post I left off talking about starving the bad wolf. That, if I recall from my behavior psychology class, is cognitive conditioning. I do think it is helping.

So, how should I devote time to it each day? Reading, on the topic of recovery, seemed to make sense to me. That’s one thing I liked about Recovery Nation: that it provided a structure for relevant (somewhat) reading.

When unable to use the Internet for reading, I think “practicing” or “exercising” good thoughts and good behaviors makes sense. Isn’t that why many people of faith — any faith — use prayer and meditation?

I suppose the other thing I can do, and am doing, is journaling. I think that’s partly what I’m doing with this blog.


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