Risky thoughts and situations 

Let’s go back to this question: “What are the signs to watch for that show you are slipping in being accountable to yourself?” I still struggle to understand it. Perhaps it means: “What are risk factors that I should avoid or mitigate in order to be quite certain I won’t be tempted to do something evil?” If that’s what it means, here’s my attempt to brainstorm a list. Perhaps I should state the items in terms that not only identity the risk factors, but that also suggest mitigation strategies.

Avoid self-pity. If I come across some cultural reference in conversation, overheard conversation, events or activities, television, movies (Hollywood is the worst for me, when I think about it), books, magazines, or other media that tempts me to compare myself, my life history, my experiences, my youth, or other aspect of me to others, real or imagined, I should tell myself that sell-pity is a risk and then count my blessings. Also, I should talk to my wife about the temptation.

Avoid being alone with any woman who is not family. If I find myself in such a situation I should seek a public location, talk about my wife, call my wife if possible, and remove myself as soon as possible.

Avoid being alone and bored with the Internet. After doing my work, including personal work, on the Internet, I should get off of it. I should try not to use it unless I am in a setting with other people. I should always imagine my wife, co-worker, son, or someone is right there watching my choices and behaviors.


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