Remembering two important lessons 

Now Recovery Nation says to describe how I have integrated recent lessons into my daily life.

These lessons really go back four years.  My most recent post here reminds me of two important lessons. First, focus more on giving rather than receiving, in friendship. I do try every day to put spending time with my wife at the top of my to-do list. Though I need to improve, I do try to think of things that will make her happy each day. I know she needs to get out of the house. I take her out. I know she is working hard on things. I show gratitude. I know she wants a dog. We get a dog, even one I wouldn’t have chosen. When we have sex, I try to focus on giving pleasure rather than just receiving. I know I need to do more, but these are a few recent examples.

Second, and most importantly, stop feeling sorry for yourself. I really do focus on things I can affect rather than things I can’t change. Before D-day, I followed the path of evil by doing exactly the opposite.


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