Religious values and compulsion

This passage is about masturbation. But, I think it could apply to other behaviors that may be proscribed by conservative religions (in my case Mormonism).

“Another group for which ‘healthy masturbation’ will not apply is anyone whose religious convictions forbid such acts. With such dictated values, the conflict between what is natural and what is forbidden is too great, and so the decision to act in such a way will produce significant emotional imbalance. . .” unhealthy sexual behavior. If nothing else, the constant teaching that sex is wrong, as opposed to being just a normal part of being human, encourages secrecy. The secrecy can then lead to deception, covert behavior, and leading a double life.

The quoted material was from RN. Now substitute “sex” for “masturbation.” Also bear in mind that my mother went beyond Mormonism. She taught that all sex is bad.


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