Proactive Action Plans

Recovery Nation then says to practice making a couple of action plans to promote healthy behavior. It says pick two of my top fifteen values, starting with “relatively simple” ones, and practice. Here’s my attempt.

Proactive action plan. Counting my blessings. At dinner we do the “what am I thankful for” exercise. Regularly, especially when challenged by life, I should do the exercise internally too.
1. Do the “what am I thankful for” exercise daily, at dinner time, when possible.
2. Reflect deeply on Thanksgiving, anniversaries, and family members’ birthdays, to thank God.
3. When viewing other people’s misfortunes, remind myself of my blessings.
4. When viewing other people’s blessings, remind myself that everyone has blessings and misfortunes.

Proactive action plan. Being active. I love exercise and outdoor activity. This also means looking for efficient ways to be active, such as focusing on intensity instead of quantity and being active with other people so that exercise does not distract from my commitments to family.
1. When my wife or kids are available to do something together, invite them to do something active, such as walking, swimming, biking, playing catch, or whatever else might be accessible.
2. Continue my habit of getting 35 minutes of exercise before each normal work day, and don’t increase that quantity until I’m certain I’m working to 100 percent intensity for each of those 35 minutes each time.
3. Look for vacation activities that keep us active, such as skiing or walking tours.


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