My values

My values

My understanding of this Recovery Nation exercise was that I should list both the “positive,” healthy values to which I turn my focus now, and the “negative,” less healthy values that I know guided my behavior, consciously and subconsciously, in the past. To be clear, I’ll break this list into three parts, if possible.

1. Counting my blessings
2. Honesty
3. Maturity
4. Being a good husband
5. Being a good father
6. Wanting the best for my family
7. Protecting my family
8. Meaningful relationship with my wife and kids
9. Being active
10. Being useful
11. Lifelong learning
12. Creating new ideas throughout life
13. Improving the community or world
14. Living with integrity
15. Living with compassion
16. Teaching
17. Quality work
18. Competence
19. Being dependable
20. Humility
21. Loyalty
22. Flexibility
23. Selflessness
24. Empathy
25. Mindfulness
26. Being a good role model
27. Independence
28. Financial freedom
29. Being trusted
30. Companionship
31. Appreciating nature
32. Leaving a legacy
33. Friendship
34. Forgiveness
35. Realism
36. Conservation
37. Open-mindedness
38. Financial security

Neutral (could be good or bad, depending on your approach)
39. Professionalism
40. Responsibility
41. Leadership
42. Taking care of my health, taking pride in myself
43. Freedom
44. Excitement
45. Adventure
46. Being loved
47. Physical pleasure, including food, drink, sex, sports
48. Seeing the world
49. Masculinity
50. Being respected
51. Happiness and contentment
52. Sense of accomplishment
53. Physical health, strength, beauty
54. Feeling needed and desired

55. Power
56. Control
57. Experiencing the forbidden
58. Avoiding conflict


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