Vision Statement

The three exercises basically ask me to develop and share a vision statement for my life. It helped me to imagine I was looking backward from the day of my death.

I want to demonstrate to my wife that I can love and protect her. If she is alive for my funeral, I want her to feel more positive about my life than negative. I want to have been a positive factor in her life.

Likewise, I want to maintain an active, growing, useful relationship with my sons until I die. I see, with some disappointment, how my own relationship with my parents devolved, long ago, into nothing more than superficial gestures. I lost faith in their ability to teach me anything without an accompaniment of criticism and judgment. I don’t want my kids to ever fear telling me about themselves and their lives, as they grow and change. I want them to know that I am there to support them emotionally (not financially), and not think that they exist to act out my dreams or to be constrained by my fears.

I want to be active, mentally and physically, as long as my health allows. I want to look back and know that I actively exercised my mind and body regularly, and that I accomplished something, no matter how small. I want to know that I did not waste my life with idleness or self-defeating behaviors. Whether it’s working, teaching, or writing, I want to feel I was continuously exploring, learning, and creating, even in small ways. Even if the scale is small, I want to feel I made a difference, in some positive way.


4 thoughts on “Vision Statement

  1. I used to want to be remembered as having made a difference…made somebodys’ life better…..something. Now…I don’t want to be remembered at all. I don’t want some useless, meaningless marker placed somewhere. When I’m gone….I want to be gone.


    1. Oh Laurel, dear Laurel. Do you have a bucket list? Maybe going to Machu Picchu or Galapagos Islands or even something more local, something as part of a tour group. Get out and live, with nothing to lose, nobody to answer to. I am worried about you. Start living your life for you. TL xx


      1. I do have a bucket list but nothing on it will ever be realized.
        I want to do the Texas two-step with Harry Connick, Jr. LOL
        I want to visit Calvary. I want to see the Space Needle…I want to see the 911 memorial and I want to see the Vietnam Veterans’ wall.
        I can dream…but I always have been a dreamer. I dreamed of having a happy life with a family.
        I’m okay….I just no longer have dreams or illusions or expectations. It’s a better world for me now.


        1. Besides Harry Connick JR., What’s stopping you? Yes, the happy family life is gone. I know that SUCKS!!! But, go realize those other dreams. It cannot make things worse to just go and do some of those things. And, maybe it will help you find a path that is special just for you. No dreams, no illusions, make it real, just pick one and go do it FOR YOU! You can do this Laurel, please promise me you will pick one of those things and go do it! ❤


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