Eh. . .

Feeling bored, scared, overwhelmed and more secure all at the same time and cannot quite make heads or tails of it.

The move is becoming real. There is SO much to do. Trying to plan the Bar Mitzvah. My job bores me to death, but it is money and it is work from home and it can travel with me. Still, I have trouble focusing on it because it is so damn tedious. We need to sell a car. We need to find tenants for our investment property. We need start organizing this home for the move. The dog is on her last legs and we don’t know if she can travel with us or not, but we need to plan travel for her as if she will be able to join, as any other thought just breaks all of our hearts.

MC is not in counseling right now because B recently retired. But, he is actively writing and started exploring “Recovery Nation” as something he can work through as we prep for the move and possibly after the move. I don’t know if we will be able to keep our blog public and/or active after the move. As with so many places we have lived, the host government is not the most open and free with its internet access and internet connections are even less secure than in the US. Would a VPN be enough???

I do feel we are on a good track. I can see and feel that we are truly partners. There are big changes ahead for our family, which is both exciting and scary, but we are working through it all together.


2 thoughts on “Eh. . .

    1. Thank you! Feeling MC is my partner is a blessing for certain.

      We’ve actually been in untainted surroundings since 2013. Moving is never easy, but excited about the next chapter. xx

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