Purpose and beauty

I want to be that strong, independent and healthy woman that I wanted my mother to be, that I always thought I would be. Regardless of what happens with MC, this is my goal.

While it is true that I no longer believe in “happily ever after” nor  in the idea that going through the most awful things somehow inoculates you from experiencing awful things in your future.  I do recognize that life has and will continue to have its ups and its downs and its all arounds. Within that reality,  I can find purpose and beauty. Within that reality, I must choose to find purpose and beauty.

Life is Amazing


7 thoughts on “Purpose and beauty

  1. So true, TL. Funny for me, as a pragmatic, control person, I didn’t think I believed in Happily Ever After, yet through these last years, I’ve found that it was indelibly stamped into my expectations. Once that was stripped away, and I found out someone else was believing in Happily Ever After that was going to destroy my life, I have a new understanding. For me, it is in the surrender and the bareness that I’m finding the freedom to happy. Does that make sense? Lots more risk, but LOADS more reward. Big HUGS, dear TL.

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    1. I won’t pretend to know the work, but when I read what the acronym stands for (unconditional self acceptance) it makes sense with the journey that has resulted in the unfolding reality of real freedom. Truth is, I lived my entire life covered in layers of self-deception and masks. Because of the trauma of infidelity, I dug and pulled and tugged and eventually…found the real me. I didn’t necessarily like all of it, but I’ve learned to accept me, and now I can accept others. It has required vulnerability. It has required being real. Love this…

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