No Try: Just Do It

Not in a good place right now, don’t even have the words (well apparently I do, see more below). I am in the midst of my final project for my Masters degree due in two weeks, while also working that new job. All I can say is that the words of MWS and IOH, in comments to MC’s post yesterday, are exactly the conversation that has been happening here. G-d, I just need to focus on my work, school and the kids, and yet. . .

I think what I am trying to work through in my mind is:
Should I give credence to the fact that he caught himself and came clean; not holding onto the mirage for weeks, months, years? While he admitted all within 10 minutes of the conversation, it took him two days to admit that what he had done was try to lie to me, wanting to hold on to the idea that he was trying to remember what happened, was simply thinking out loud as he figured it out. Of course, my reply, “that is the thing with the truth, you don’t have to fucking figure it out. Doh!”

Is this a setback or a deal breaker? I just don’t know. I just don’t know.
Is this miles ahead of who he used to be? Yes.
Is it good enough? HELL NO!
Is he trying? Yes.
Are trying and doing the same thing? NO! Yoda wearing Nikes: There is no try! JUST DO IT!

I didn’t give a fuck about the click bait. Sure, I would have asked what are you doing to deal with this issue? What is your plan here? It is the fucking lying.

I have got to focus on kids, work and school. G-d, I just need to focus on kids, work and school right now!

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8 thoughts on “No Try: Just Do It

  1. There are no words.. and as difficult as you know where your thoughts need to be where they go is hard to deny.
    But I feel you though.. it’s been hard with Charles sometimes wondering is this a deal breaker or set back?
    Am I tolerating bullshit or are we really working through things?
    So cliche.. but be good to you.. get some sleep, hug the kiddos, eat well.. get some fresh air..
    Like all our pals on here have always told me
    Take Care of yourself first.. I still have a hard time (whether that’s a bubble bath or some microwave popcorn LOL don’t judge there is one certain kind I like) figuring out what take care of myself looks like but I’ve gotten better.

    And MC’s thing will take time for you to know whether it’s a dealbreaker or a setback..
    And better to take care of you, kids, job, school and focus on the big things don’t just focus on the trees but the forest.

    and that’s what I think our husband’s deals are affair, lying, deceit, the word trying, heartbreak, being pissed off at them, even our marriage big trees.. but not the forest.. not the forest and I’m glad I can see a little bit of that now ❤ XOXOXO

    Hope I made some sense.. I'm cleaning and I'm a terrible multi-tasker 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m just so overwhelmed right now, so tired, so lost. Sometimes, I wish I could just disappear from the world for a while. Look on from high above and just let things spin on without me while I have myself a nice little reprieve to catch my breath. And, yet so much to get done, so much to get done . . .


      1. Disappearing never works anyway.. I don’t know if your kids are like mine damn NSA LOL!!.. But here’s to you TL you are doing so much, you are a strong, educated, talented woman and mother.. 🙂 Here’s to raising our young to showing them by example hard things are good things 🙂
        Sometimes when I feel super lost I think what would I tell my kids if they were going through this?
        That is usually my pep-talk.. LOL..
        You got this!! YOU CAN DO this all and more!! ❤ Samoan Roar back at cha!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. NH, I know you are right. The thing about disappearing is that any baggage you have, eventually shows up at your door. Just wouldn’t mind if my baggage could get lost for a few weeks. Thank you for the support. TL xx

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