Off the grid

So, we’ve been off the grid a while. A bit of a check-in here.

We took the kids on a vacation. It was tiring, but fun too. When we came back, I had a bit of a meltdown with me crying “was this real, I don’t know what is real anymore?”

In other news, our counselor B is retiring in a couple of months, we’re not sure what we will do in the short time remaining after she retires, before we move.

We also recently decided to take a three week break from sex. When he was away for that year we had months at-a-time between visits, without sex. But, there was no chance for physical affection during that time either. I just need to feel what it is like to have MC’s love and affection knowing there is no other agenda in these acts, not that there is an agenda, but I just cannot tell.  I just want to see if I, if we, feel a difference when sex is off the table.

In the past two months I’ve had two car accidents, both my fault after years of a clean record. I am also finding that I can no longer focus on 3D shows. Stress, 20/20 vision finally declining, or perhaps both, or neither???

I went back to work, part-time, working from home for a long ago employer of mine. And, I will start back to school soon too. I’m a little worried about doing both at the same time, but having an opportunity to work from home and a job that can travel with me was too good an opportunity to pass up. The extra computer time certainly isn’t helping my vision, that’s for sure. MC tells me I look cute in my new cheap Walmart reading glasses. Maybe it is time I go to the eye doctor though?

Finally, MC has started his next language class in prep for our move, balancing that with his normal work duties. I don’t know how he keeps all the languages straight in his head, for me they all meld into one. He is also fighting off a bad cold right now. As we prep for the move, I think our to-do list is growing, the real one, not the MC OCD created one. Is there a difference? I don’t know, maybe not.

Day-by-day, and we continue on. . .


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