WP Update

Oh my goodness, I finally figured it out, finally.

First, if you could not already tell, I am the computer guru of the family. Actually our children are the real computer gurus, but I cannot really ask for their help on this site, so when it concerns R4L administration, I am the one trying to figure it out and put it together. I must admit, I kind of enjoy that kind of thing!

Second, when we first started this site, I wanted to find a way to separate out “our story” and have the posts from that category show up in chronological order, instead of reverse chronological. For the longest time, I thought I would have to upgrade WordPress to have access to plug-ins that would give me more administrative functionality. Last night, I finally found another way.

For anyone out there wanting to do this, here is how I did it:

  • I selected “custom link” on the menu page
  • I made this my custom link, inserting it into the URL space:


  • I labeled it with “Our Story” so that is how it would appear on R4L.
  • I placed it where I wanted it in the menu
  • I hit save menu

Voila, it listed “Our story” as a separate tab with all posts showing in chronological order. It was adding  /?order=asc to the end of the URL link that allowed me to do this.

Perhaps, I am just really behind on all of this and this is common knowledge, but I was so happy when I finally discovered how to do it. I just had to share and, also, thought perhaps it could be helpful to others wanting to do something similar.

TL xx




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