A little laugh

MC is constantly telling me I am beautiful. When I awake in the morning, I am in fleece pjs, my hair is going in five different directions, I have not even had my morning wake-up coffee, and I know I look like shit. Still, he kisses me goodbye on the forehead (I’ve not yet brushed my teeth) and tells me “you’re so beautiful” before he leaves to take our oldest to school and then himself to work. He also tells me this if I am all dressed up for an event.

So, this morning when he said that to me, I told him “that’s just bull, you say that no matter what, even when I look terrible.” Our oldest child was by his side as it was the standard good-bye as they are on the way out the door. MC replied, “Ok, your clothes look like hell, your hair is flying everywhere, you really need to brush your teeth and take a shower, but you’re still beautiful.”

I replied, “Now that I find more believable!” We all laughed.


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