John Baker asked me, “List some of the ways that your pride has stopped you from asking for and getting the help you need to overcome your hurts, hang-ups, and habits.”  I can think of one way.  I let pride stop me from being open to counseling and spirituality until it was nearly too late.  I guess part of me believed that if I could not think of a way to feel better about life then there was no reason any mental health professional, book, or clergyman could either.

I probably would have continued to think that way unless and until I reached “rock bottom” in my life.  From my perspective, I did reach rock bottom, almost losing TL and being forced to reexamine and revise almost every aspect of my life. In that state of desperation, I did ultimately look to books, classes, counselors, and faith, in and attempt to learn even the smallest clue as to how to live a healthier life.  It has helped, so far.  That confirms the view that I should have put aside pride, and looked to those resources decades ago.


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