TL: “Learning to focus on inputs, not outcomes”

For reasons completely unrelated to the topics of this blog, it’s been a rough week.

As I started down the path of “Oh G-d, PLEASE allow a certain outcome to occur,” I started to think, “why on earth would or should G-d be worried about my desired outcome when there are so many more awful situations in the world (e.g., Syrian refugees) whose help for a better outcome is assuredly more needed.” So, instead of praying for a better outcome, I am praying for the strength and wisdom to find within myself and give of myself the best possible inputs.

I can certainly actively assess situations, strategize on the best inputs to increase the chances for the best possible outcome, but ultimately I do NOT control the outcome. Funny how something completely unrelated to this blog could so starkly remind me of that reality.

I spent a few days railing against the world, “it isn’t fair!” But, “been there, done that” one too many times and where does that take me anyway? Absolutely nowhere! So, my self talk this week is to stop wishing for better outcomes and just focus on the only thing I really have control over, my own present and future  inputs, including closing the damn pantry cupboard, so the dog stops raiding our food supply!


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