TL: “Let go or be dragged.”

I’m being a bit of a dork today, procrastinating working on this homework.

So, there is a very old song that I have always, always loved. You’re going to laugh. But it’s Little River Band’s “Time for a cool change.” You see I love the water, I’ve always LOVED the water. Whether it is kayaking, sailing, or SCUBA, I just feel so alive on or in the water. So, after feeling so wonderful after yesterdays’ little kayak trip, I went to listen to my song and it was streaming some quotes, there were many good ones, but one really stopped me in my thoughts for a moment. I do love a good quote. So, I will share two of my old favorites and the one that really caught my eye today.

  1. Let go or be dragged
  2. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful
  3. The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you; it is when you don’t understand yourself

So, on the first quote, it may not exactly be what you are thinking. I don’t know. As I’ve mentioned before, my mother was mentally ill and addicted to prescription drugs. She used to change words, and change history to manipulate others to her cause, that she was always the victim to be pitied. I put myself through college with no help from family and was very proud of that fact. My parents lost our home when I was seven years old to a bankruptcy and proceeded to be evicted from just about every home we ever lived in thereafter. While I was in college, Mom went around telling people that she had sold our family home and put herself into a cheap, dark, dreary apartment so she could pay for my college. That is just one of so many examples. So, when I feel that someone has twisted words, manipulated the truth, or changed history to fit their own narrative, OH BOY do I have hard time letting that go. Not just when it happens to me, but when I see it happen to others. So, the “let go or be dragged” is to remind me that I don’t have to fight every battle, every cause is not mine to resolve. So, much easier said than done.

On the second quote, it is just a reminder that perfection is its own worst enemy. That we have to smell the flowers on our journey forward.

On the third quote, that was a new one to me today. It really plays into the first quote in a way. I am focusing on learning again who I am, who I want to be, how I want to live life now and in the future. I need to not waste so much time on trying to be understood, as I much as I need to spend time understanding myself. It was a very good reminder!

Ok, now I need a quote about not procrastinating with my homework. I better get to it. I hope all of you have a beautiful day!

TL xx


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