TL: “A beautiful day”

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day.

It started off with an informational interview with someone who has a successful business within my field of study. I will be done with my Masters in a few months and I wanted to understand what real-world possibilities existed for me within the field. I am so very scared, and excited, to once again return to the professional world of work. When we return to the US, I now have a solid idea of something feasible that I can make happen. Until that time, I have some objectives to make myself more competitive, including what type of work experience to pursue when we get to our next destination.

Mindless has the day off and the kids do not. So, after the informational interview, we grabbed one of our kayaks and headed to water. We picked up these kayaks a few months ago, looking for activities for our family. We live near some beautiful places to kayak. Usually, the kids come with, but today it was just Mindless and me. It was absolutely beautiful.

We are home now, sitting on our back porch sipping coffee in this beautiful weather before the chaos of “kids home from school” activities begin. It does seem like we are seeing more and more flowers blooming in our garden.

I think it is helpful to know that if I need to process anything from the past, that Mindless is there with me to do it. We continue to work on ourselves and our marriage. But, it is also reassuring and refreshing to have moments where we can relax and just enjoy the garden as a family, on our own or as a couple.


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