Ashley Madison

I am conflicted about this data hack and dump. On the one hand, it finally may be the door opening that has been shut in the face of a betrayed spouse for years. A door to honesty and knowledge of their own life, their own marriage. I do think that is so important and they deserve to have it.

On the other hand, the consequences to the betrayed spouse, to the family may be HUGE. Certainly, cheaters must expect the consequences of their actions to be brought forth at some point. But, I would hope and pray that it is not in a way that causes even more embarrassment and financial hardship to their spouse and children.

Yes, I am thankful that MC did not use AM or other sites like it and that he is nowhere to be found on their lists. Yes, I admit even with the polygraphs passed, I checked. I did. I checked. Not because it really matters how he met his sluts, floozies whatever you want to call them, but because I truly don’t want the further humiliation of such a public and identifiable display of his tomfuckery, and I don’t want our children to have it either. It is not our shame to bare, I know. Still, I understand the possible humiliation in all of this for other betrayed spouses and children. And, so, I find myself conflicted about it all.

All I know is that I want to send our love and support to all those spouses that have found out their lives were different then they thought.


3 thoughts on “Ashley Madison

  1. I’m conflicted on this as well. I think it’s good that the cheaters have now been led into the daylight of exposure. But the collateral damage to the betrayed and family is sure to occur, furthering the embarrassment for some. And what was done is illegal too. Not what I think about this whole thing. I do know I think AM may be providing a wanted product, but it’s still sleazy.


  2. Sleazy for sure. I’d be happy to see them shut down. Unfortunately, I’m sure there will be others to take AM’s place. I don’t know, maybe PondScum.Com.


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