TL: “TrainWreck.”

I want to see the movie TrainWreck. I LOVE Amy Schumer. Sometimes her comedy is a bit raunchy, I realize, but sometimes she is just so spot-on in such a funny way, I cannot help but love her. Now, the question is whether or not to take Mindless with me to see this movie. I understand the subject of “numbers” comes up, how many people the main character has slept with versus her new boyfriend. This is the issue that fueled so much of MindlessCraft’s self-pity and was a component of the path that led him to such horrible choices. Do I trust that he really is dealing with that issue and take him with me? Lord knows I’ve sat through enough Star Trek and South Park on his behalf. Or, do I go it alone?

Mindless traveled four days last week and two days this week. Given that, I have done surprisingly well. Yes, he calls, texts, FaceTimes OFTEN, he constantly invites me to view his Waze itinerary and routes when driving anywhere. In fact, I can’t get away from the bugger it would seem. Nah, really, it is reassuring. But, last week I started back to school, was on my own with kiddos and would like a little adult entertainment. Ok, get your mind out of the gutter. You know what I mean, drinks and a movie with my husband. Yes, I would like that very much. But, do I dare take him to TrainWreck? What say the peanut gallery?


6 thoughts on “TL: “TrainWreck.”

  1. SonofaBeach, thank you so much for the response. We definitely will talk before and after. It would be very much the lifestyle that he resented not having and it would be in his face for two hours. I guess I am scared that I might see that he does still struggle with this issue and his self-pity. But, maybe I can see that even as he struggles with it, when it is in his face, that he is learning to deal with it in more healthy ways. And, of course, perhaps it could/would be helpful for B, the therapist, to see the complexity of this issue in a current example. Still, I really just want to enjoy the movie and a laugh and sometimes wish it could just be that.


  2. Maybe go with a friend first and enjoy it the way you want. Then go with your husband on the second go around or watch it later with him on the television. If it’s as good as they say, maybe it’s worth two viewings. I wish I could go with you. 🙂 I’ll probably end up going with Blue Eyes.

    Blue Eyes was talking about an interview he was listening to, maybe on NPR, where they were describing a scene where she is a little girl and her dad is telling her and her sibling why he is leaving the mom. He uses barbie dolls or something and talks about how when you get tired of one doll, you trade it in for a newer one… or something like that. I am probably botching it. Anyway, my father also sat my sister and I down and told us he was leaving our mother and moving to a place of his own. BE said maybe this would be triggering to me and we shouldn’t go see it. Not triggering. My parents separating was one of the best things that happened in my childhood. The doll thing is stupid and immature. I am not messed up by my parent’s divorce. Not triggering. No more excuses BE… we’re going to see that movie, ha!

    Either way, enjoy!!!


    1. Kat, I would love to see this movie with you. That would be such fun!

      MC and I talked about it and he is game. We actually talked a lot about how he copes with dealing with these feelings if they ever do rear their ugly head in the present. He wants us to not live in fear of these feelings, to show me that he can face them and cope in healthy ways. There is a parents night out coming up and we talked about going for drinks and seeing the film.

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      1. Glitchy internet… if this shows up twice, sorry.

        Hopefully you guys both laugh your asses off… it’s a comedy, right? 😉

        It sounds like MC is past all that nonsense about your past sex lives, but I know, it takes a long time to heal. For everyone.

        Speaking of sex lives, I still owe you an email. Life gets so complicated sometimes. How old are your kids? Your date night sounds fun, hopefully you will report on how it goes. ❤


  3. Kat, I hope so too. I would absolutely love to talk with you privately. Trying to limit the personally identifying info that is out in the blogosphere, but it is not so easy. Still, write me offline, so much easier to talk freely! TL xx


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