Virtual workout buddy, anyone?

I joined a gym three weeks ago. . .and. . .have. . .only. . .gone. . .twice. Yes, that is right, I’ve only gone twice. I MUST go, I NEED to go, I WANT to go, but when the moment of that day arrives, I just cannot get myself up and motivated to actually do it. WTF is wrong with me?

Friends, help me here, is any one else encountering this same phenomenon? How do you motivate yourself in the moment? I know if I just go every day for the next three weeks it will be more of a habit. I need to just do it. Both my mind and body will appreciate the healthier lifestyle. Who wants to be my workout buddy out there. Anyone?

We could commit to at leastย 20 minutes a day of treadmill, walking, jogging, swimming, or whatever works. A minimum of 20, a maximum of whatever you want. But, just show up to exercise for the 20 minutes/day, M-F, and then see how you feel upon reaching that goal. What do you say, anyone in on this with me?

We can call ourselves the WOBS.


7 thoughts on “Virtual workout buddy, anyone?

  1. Does WOBS stand for workout on blogs?
    I will commit.. I’ve been wanting to do that daily.. not sure if I can do it everyday sans kiddos to get the intensity.. but I’ll start tomorrow will get my mind off of the whole relationship thing with M.
    I’ve been planning on joining Dietbet but I need to go find an electric scale.. M bought an analog when we got here..

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    1. NH,

      Ooh, I like that. I was thinking WOB is usually the acronym for WorkOut Buddy, but in our case we would be the Working Out Betrayed Spouses. We could be Working Out Blogging Spouses too. Hmm, it all works!

      Ok NH, shall we do this one day at a time?

      Today I commit to 20 minutes. When I’ve completed my 20 (more if I feel up to it at the end of the 20), I’ll come back and check the proverbial box, in another reply.

      We can do this!

      TL xx


  2. Ok, 22 minutes on the treadmill, check! (intervals of 2 minutes walk, 1 minute SLOW jog). I think I must have looked like a sweaty beet! ๐Ÿ™‚ Gotta start somewhere. What is dietbet?


  3. I’m in. I have the same issues as you in terms of getting motivated to do anything even close to exercise… and I have a personal trainer that I have not seen for weeks. No more excuses! Where do we keep track? Here on your blog?


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