TL: “Weaving together the life I knew with the life that truly existed.”

Oh my goodness, sometimes this is so very hard. We have talked about these details before. And, I have found it so helpful to use this blog to weave together his memories of what was happening in his thoughts and his version of our life with what I thought was our life together. Still, the pain of rehashing is sometimes overwhelming. His latest post about AP1 was very hard to read. There was nothing new, but I had to fight going down that rabbit hole. I was there for a couple hours last night, but I did escape before it completely overtook me like it used to do. Is this a healthy thing to do? In the moment, sometimes I doubt it. But, then a few days out, when I start seeing how the whole picture is weaving together into a truer narrative and understanding of my life, of our life, I do find that helpful.


2 thoughts on “TL: “Weaving together the life I knew with the life that truly existed.”

  1. Charles tried to blog for a bit then KB’s husband would comment and he said it never was good for anything but it was good for me. Somehow I understood him better in writing.. anyways that has been so difficult for me too.. Weaving together the life I knew and what existed.. it still breaks my heart.. 1 year out not to the point of crippling anymore.. but still stings.. ❤


    1. It does sting, even almost three years out. We both, so far, find that it is helpful for piecing together all the disparate pieces. And, when I’m not getting triggered, for working together on a common goal. We will see how this goes. Thank you so much for your support and comments!!!! TL xx

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