The Jungle Nightmare

I had many nightmares in the first two years after d-day, but one in particular was so vivid that I can still see it clearly. The nightmare happened about 6 months after ultimate d-day.

Background: One of MindlessCraft’s APs was our former housekeeper. I trusted her, I believed she really cared about our family. She was trying to convince me to bring her to work for us in our new local. MC acted as if he could go either way, but was secretly encouraging her to “convince” me to bring her over. I contacted her to say we were interested, let’s talk. She never wrote back. We learned that she had stopped contact because she dropped dead of a heart-attack. This was about a year before ultimate d-day. Sometimes, I still feel haunted by thoughts of her.

The Dream: In this dream, some girlfriends and I were hiking on a difficult trail. The trail started on the side of an abandoned building, going upward, and then went behind the building as it continued its ascent. The top floor of the building was on level with part of the trail. Inside the abandoned building was what looked like an overgrown jungle. The trail continued beyond the building until we reached a stopping point. It was a cliff, we could walk no further. We talked. Some friends were saying, just step off the cliff and you will find there is actually a bridge across. Most went this route, one-by-one, stepping off the cliff. When I looked over to see what happened, I could see nothing, no sign of anything. Another friend and I thought this certain death and decided to head back down the trail. As we approached the part of the trail on the same level as the top floor of the abandoned building, my friend suggested we cut through the building and not walk the difficult trail back. I refused, she went ahead. I was walking along the trail by myself, I could hear her screams inside the building, the jungle. As I got to the bottom of the trail, I was right in front of the building. I looked to the top floor and could see hands reaching out, zombies reaching out. One of them was our housekeeper. I could hear my friend screaming. Our housekeeper, in zombie form, was taunting me, come save her, come save her. I wanted to help my friend. I just knew if I did, I too would be trapped in the jungle and turned into a zombie. I started to walk away and that is when I woke-up.

I don’t know why it sticks with me so much, but it does. Do you have any nightmares that just stick in your head?


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