TL: “THAT word.”

We’ve each talked with our counselor about what we are doing here with this site. MC and I have been through all of these details many times over since “ultimate” d-day. The pain, though still prevalent, is not as all-consuming as it once was. My counselor worried that telling our story here may bring me more pain than healing. My thinking was that seeing the entire story written out, with both perspectives, would help my healing. She said we must watch for triggers.

Well, the word “numerous” is most definitely a trigger for me. I find it rather odd, weird, strange. . .that one word could be such a trigger compared to discussing the actual events. WTF? Still, no word in the English language has ever caused as much anger, hurt, sadness and disgust within me as THAT word.  After reading MC’s post last night, seeing THAT word, did bring those feelings flooding back.

On the one hand, maybe doing this isn’t such a good idea, maybe it is more pain shopping. On the other hand, after reading and discussing this latest post, I feel like our talk about this particular issue was deeper and more productive than before.

Let’s see how this goes. . .Taking it a day-at-a-time.


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