TL: “A missed birthday.”

We finally got ahold of Mindless on that weekend. He explained that with us gone he had ramped up his exercise routine, which was already a huge focus of his life. He was now running eight miles/day. He then told me that he went on a hike with a work associate. I asked “who?” and he told me the name of a woman, a woman he had previously referred to as a crazy nuisance bothering his boss. I asked, “Why not hike with other male friends whose wives also already left town? Why is it necessary to hike with this woman?” The questioning began. The phone calls remained sporadic; he got home too late, he was too tired, he was out for a run and lost cell phone coverage out in the hills, he was running errands and on and on. The next weekend, he swore he would call on-time, as it was our oldest child’s birthday. No call! I called his cell, I called his office, I e-mailed him, nothing. He finally called several hours after our child was in bed for the night. He told me I could wake-up our kid to Skype, if I wanted. I wish I had called his bluff, but I told him to just call tomorrow. He explained he had gone for a hike, again and lost track of distance and time. I asked if he went with anyone, he replied he and his work associate went again together. I WAS PISSED! The next day he called our son, but over two hours later than he said he would. EXTRA PISSED! He would be arriving the next weekend to join us in America for the rest of our vacation. And, I made it my goal to find out what the hell was going on.


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